Expansion of SNL Magazine

While I love filmmaking, lately I am dipping my hands into many new ventures personally and becoming involved in artistic projects with others. Going with the screenwriting rule: Write what you know, I decided to expand the magazine to involve not only my own endeavors but that of others as well.

The new magazine is called Sunny Style Magazine at sunnystyled.com. It will contain articles, interviews, and news pertaining to Clothing, Music, Filmmaking, Non-Profit, Photography, Comedy, and Extras such as podcasts, theater, etc.

What makes this magazine different? We are following and interviewing those creating their own paths in their respective industries, not the typical mainstream players. The magazine is designed to inspire and inform about the individuals that are making big strides in today’s world. One of our main goals is to keep the reader optimistic and motivated about his or her own goals, which is how the name Sunny Styled came into development.

I hope this magazine will offer the inspiration and information needed to help you push past limits and impact the world with your artistic endeavor.

The new site will be launched on December 1, 2012. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Chief Editor


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